Sunday, September 6, 2009

Reporting from Minnesota

Has it really been three weeks since I've been living and breathing and sleeping in the rhythms of Lutheran Volunteer Corps? Have I really been living in Minnesota for only two weeks?

Holy crap. But "Holy crap" in the best possible sense.

For folks who might be confused or in need of an update, I've recently begun a year of service with Lutheran Volunteer Corps, working at an agency that prepares and deliverse meals to people living with chronic illnesses, most of which are people living with HIV/AIDS. After a marvelous, life-giving week of orientation in Washington, D.C., I hopped on a train for the Twin Cities and arrived late on a Sunday night two weeks ago. Because our house doesn't have reliable Internet access, I haven't invested the effort into updating this blog. That changes today.

To give you all a decent overview of my life in the heartland of Lutheranism so far, I'll be writing the next few installments along the lines of LVC's core values: intentional community, social justice, and simplicity and sustainability.

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