Thursday, March 26, 2009


I wrote another devotion for Ben Buss' Lenten Devotions series yesterday. Good times. You can check it out here, and subscribe the series via RSS or email at

Just in case you were hoping for a "real" post, here are a couple of previews to tantalize your imagination...

  • I've registered this blog with Presbyterian Bloggers United and on April 1st will post about campus ministry. Seeing as how I'm immersed in ecumenical ministry up to my ears, and there are some really awesome folks on campus immersed with me (see above), I'm looking forward to participating in that. Who knows, maybe my experiences will be different enough to give some hard-core Presbys something to think about. Or maybe I won't be so different, and I'll get some insight about what other folks are doing.
  • I have a follow up post to "Dissonance" in the works. This week offered some continuing conversation about my relationship with different denominations, which included a good conversation with my MCC minister and a somewhat random role in co-leading worship for the National Capital Presbytery with other college students. Plus, some awesome folks left comments on "Dissonance" that hit my brain like the hammer of Thor... except in a good way.

So there's lots to think about... stay tuned.

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