Saturday, March 7, 2009

A short note about commenting

[Image from greekadam, "Greeks always argue about facts"]

To whom it may concern, namely people who might wish to write mean-spirited comments--

I hope this blog post finds you well.

You might be wondering why I deleted your comment. Your feelings might be hurt or your worst suspicions might seem confirmed. If that is the case, then take a deep breath and let it out slowly. You might need to do this several times.

I'm glad that you decided to comment on one or more of my posts. Part of this blogging experiment is to take part in conversation. If you have something constructive to add to the emerging discussions here, then I am all the better for it.

However, if what you have to say is not constructive, then I reserve the right to delete it.

So, if you find yourself angrily typing a devastating critique of my thoughts, emotions, and experiences, here is what I suggest. Write what you need to write (it's quite cathartic), and then look it over. Is it something that you would say to me in public? Is it something that I would see as respectful? Is it something to which you would credit your name? If not, then I would suggest that you edit it so that it is or simply write something else.

Whether or not you choose to identify yourself is your choice. I would love for you to be as transparent with me as I am with you, but I am aware that for people in certain social locations that it is very difficult. However, simply because I cannot hold you accountable does not give you license to write comments that are mean-spirited.

I hope that you will continue to post, and that you will do so in a respectful way.

Grace and peace to you,

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