Sunday, February 22, 2009

Been a long time gone

[Photo by soartsyithurts]

I haven't written for a couple weeks, and I wanted to touch base about that. As is the case for many, when life is full and crazy blogging is down. Much has happened in the past couple of weeks, including:
  • The memorial service for my friend Brittney
  • Visiting the Lutheran seminary in Philadelphia and coming out to my parents about discerning a call to ordained ministry (DACOM, as my friend Zac calls it)
  • Coming to terms with the facts that I have some more discernment to do
  • Reading Ntozake Shange's "For Colored Girls" and loving it
  • A week-long service trip in Costa Rica with a group from church, from which I just returned yesterday
  • Reann Ballslee, drag queen extraordinaire, being crowned homecoming queen (I voted for her!)
  • My great-aunt Bessie's 95th birthday
  • An amazing, musical worship service about love at Convergence, a church for artists in Alexandria, Virginia
(Actually, the last two were just today, which gives away the fact that to some degree I am using them as filler.)

In the next week or so I'll hopefully process at least a couple of these (top of the list includes the love-themed service, Costa Rica, and seminary). However, this week is full and crazy as well: Ash Wednesday, Peter Rollins, and a Lost and Found concert, in addition to school and work. I'll see what happens, I suppose.

Blessings, peace, and a good night's rest to all!

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  1. Hey ben!
    I'm so excited to see you're on blogger too!
    since stalking you on facebook and twiter is not enough, can you possibly enable following?
    hope everything is going well!