Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Presenting... Rose!


I'm so excited for my friend Rose!

She and her boyfriend Aaron are two of my oldest and best friends at school. Both of them are artists of the first degree, primarily painters, and Rose just had one of her pieces in the Honors Art Show! If you're on the Fairfax campus, go see it in the Johnson Center. The exhibit is staying up until February 7th.

What adds to the excitement is that her work was just featured in an art blog, Messy Manifesto. Check it out here.

Like me, Rose has just started a blog to promote her work. Gaze at her amazingness at deborahroseguterbock.blogspot.com.

Below is the central canvas in her show piece, Prophecy in Pink. It's a very rich piece, like a slice of really good cheesecake or a really good novel-- one in which flavor, texture, memory and meaning converge into pure delight. Additionally, an oblique reference to the Wizard of Oz makes most things even better.

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